As a student at Ridgedale, you will receive instruction in mathematics, communication arts, science, social studies, and French or Spanish. In addition, you will also be able to explore the encore classes of vocal, general, and instrumental music, visual arts, health, wellness, industrial arts/technologies, computers, and physical education. 

Your Responsibilities "You are responsible for doing your own work for classes. We feel strongly that copying, cheating, and plagiarizing the work of others are unethical behaviors and undermine the learning process.' Consequences for such action will result in grading adjustments and disciplinary action. 

Visitors For the safety of all our students, staff, and faculty, we insist that all visitors report to the main office as soon as they enter the building. At that time they must sign in and we will issue them a visitor's pass. 

Because school is your place of business, we do not allow friends or school-age relatives from other schools to accompany you as guests for the day. Please entertain your friends at home, after school hours.

Report Cards We issue report cards four times a year. They represent each teacher's assessment of your work. They report on your achievement in class. Please discuss your grades with your parents. While each quarter is assessed separately, your final grade in any subject will be the average of all four of your marking period grades. 

Passing grades are calculated on a numerical scale of 65-100. A grade of 64 or below is considered failing. If you receive an incomplete on your report card in any of your classes, your assignments must be made up within ten school days after your return to school so that we can calculate your marking period grade in that subject. 

In addition, teachers will assess the attitudes and work habits you demonstrate in their classes by including comments on your report card. These comments are provided to help you and your parents evaluate your areas of strength and weakness. Please use them to help you set goals for the next marking period. 

You will make the honor roll if you receive a grade of 100 through 81 in every course. The honor roll is posted and published at the end of every marking period. 

We want you to do your best in all your subjects. Sometimes that takes more than one try. Students receiving a grade of 59 or below on summative assessments may be given the opportunity to re-take an assessment after thorough review and discussion with the teacher.

In order to prepare for high school, students in grade 8 will take final exams in two core subjects. These subjects will be different every year and will be announced in advance so that you can prepare for these summative assessments.

Apart from report cards, you and your parents can gain access to your grades on a regular basis by logging onto PowerSchool through the district's web site.

If you are a new, 6th grade student, your parents will receive a username and password in order to view the your grades online. These access codes will be in effect for each of your 3 years at Ridgedale.

If you are a returning student, your parents have already received their codes. In the event your parents lose this information, one of them will need to come in person to the technology office at Ridgedale to have it re-issued. No access information will be given out over the phone. This is to protect your privacy. 

We encourage you to work hard and to pass all your subjects so that you can participate in our extra-curricular programs. If you hold two grades of 70-65 or one grade of 64 or below in any of your subjects at any point in the marking period, you will become ineligible to participate in any school-sponsored extra-curricular activities or athletics until your grades improve. Your status will be re-evaluated every three weeks. 

In addition, we want you to be successful so that you can be promoted to the next grade level. However, If you fail two academic subjects for the year, you may be asked to remain at that grade level. It may be possible for you may 

attend summer school to retake at least one of the courses in which you were not successful. You will need to furnish us with proof of passing your summer school class(es). After the third marking period, we will notify your parents of a possible failure for the year.

Pupil Progress Conferences Twice a year, in the fall and early spring, we will dismiss school early on three afternoons. These three afternoons and one evening are set aside in order to provide your teachers and parents an opportunity to discuss your academic and social growth. You are encouraged to attend these meetings with your parents. We want you to be part of the educational process. 

Individual parent-teacher conferences may be arranged at any time during the school year, as the need arises. Teachers or parents may initiate these conferences if they have concerns. Your parents may contact any of your teachers by phone or email. If a meeting is desired, it can be arranged by contacting the appropriate team leader. 

Textbooks and Equipment The Board of Education will provide you with textbooks and calculators. All new and sixth grade students will need to pass a test on the responsible use of our computer equipment. When you pass, a "driver's license' will be issued to indicate that you are aware of the your technology obligations. You are responsible for taking care of the items assigned to you. If your books, calculators, or computers are damaged or lost, we will impose fines. When you receive a book, write your name in it, in ink, in the front portion of the book that is provided for that purpose. Keep your books covered. These are your academic tools. your daily assignments.

Notebooks You need to come to class every day with the materials recommended by your teacher. These items usually include this agenda, a loose-leaf binder, paper, pencils, pens, erasers, and a ruler. Your teacher in each class will make additional suggestions. It is important for you to be organized in order to keep track of your homework and class notes. 

Homework We support the intelligent and meaningful assignment of homework for all students at Ridgedale. Homework can play a valuable role in providing you with essential practice in needed skills as well as encouraging you to work independently. You should expect to receive approximately 60-80 minutes of homework a night. 

If it is discovered that you have submitted work that is not your own, you will receive a zero (no credit) for the homework, quiz, test, or project in question. You will also be referred to the guidance office and your parents will be contacted.

Extra Help Sometimes a lesson doesn't "stick' the first time it is presented. You are encouraged to see any of your teachers for additional help, instruction or reinforcement if you feel the need. Check with your teachers for any before- school or after-school times they may be available to work with you or join our homework club. If you would like to see one of your teachers before the school day starts, make sure to get a pass from him/her the previous day. You must have a pass to get into the building before school begins. If you are scheduled to meet with one of your teachers, you must report to that teacher— to do otherwise would be inconsiderate and counterproductive to your own academic success.

Make-up Work When you are absent, you should make an effort to keep up with the class. It will make returning to school much easier for you. You may check your teacher's blog to find out your daily assignments. After you have been absent for three or more days, your parents may call the school office in the morning to request assignments from your teachers. These assignments can be picked up in the main office the following day. 

When you return, you will receive a number of days to make up your work equal to the number that you were absent. In exceptional cases, you may make special arrangements with individual teachers. It is your responsibility to set up a schedule with your teachers regarding your makeup work and whatever tests and quizzes you have missed immediately upon your return to school. 

Lockers You will be assigned a hall locker at the beginning of the school year. Please use common sense regarding anything of value that you may bring to school. You are responsible for the contents and security of your locker. Your locker combination is private and should not be shared with other students. The Florham Park Board of Education cannot be responsible for your personal property. (See page 15 for our locker search policy.) 

Lost and Found Occasionally you will lose something. You should look for it in the Lost and Found boxes that can be found in the front hallway. Please label all texts, workbooks, notebooks, and other personal items to make them easier to recover. We recommend that you not bring items of exceptional value to school. 

Telephone For your convenience, there is a public phone located in the front hall. You may make personal calls from this phone. A courtesy phone is available in the main office if you do not have money for the pay phone. You may not, however, use these phones during instructional time. You will not be called to the phone in the Main Office nor will you be given phone messages during instructional time, unless it is an emergency. 

Lunch Every day you will eat lunch in the gym/cafeteria. You are expected to clean up your table and surrounding area after eating. On days when the weather is nice, you will be able to go outside for a little while before resuming classes.

If you know that you will be going outside that day, bring appropriate outdoor clothing with you prior to eating lunch. You will not be allowed in the halls during your lunch period because classes are in session and your presence may be distracting to other students who are working. After lunch, you will participate in our math lab program. 

Announcements You will hear the flag salute and daily announcements read over the public address system during homeroom. These notices have been approved in advance and usually pertain to recaps of athletic events, meeting dates for extracurricular activities, etc. Please pay attention to the announcements; they may apply to you! 

Parents please check Ridgedale's website. Here you'll find a message board for parents. You can see the morning announcements your child hears and see any special messages that may be of interest to you. 

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