Extracurricular Activities

We offer a wide variety of after-school activities. Look over the following list. Surely you can find an interesting way to participate in your school community!

However, you should also be aware that students who have two grades of 70-65 or one grade of 64 or below in any subject in any marking period will be ineligible to participate in "extra" activities until those grades improve. Your status will be re-evaluated every three weeks. 

Assembly Programs

We will schedule assembly programs throughout the school year. You will be asked to report to the auditorium by grade level teams, accompanied by your teacher. The announcements to come to the auditorium are usually made over the public address system. We expect you to behave in a courteous and mature man- ner during an assembly program. Be quiet when others are performing/speaking, applaud when appropriate, and never do anything that would make other people feel uncomfort- able or embarrassed. Getting up in front of a large group of people is difficult; please appreciate the efforts that others make on your behalf. 

School Dances/Social Events

The school dances and social events that are held throughout the year are sponsored by the PTA. These dances and social events are open to sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students, except for the final dance, which is for eighth grade students only. In order to attend any of these events, you must return a permission slip, signed by your parent or guardian, to the people in charge of that program. These activities are for Ridgedale students only; so please don't ask to bring a guest. Also, for your own safety, you may not leave school grounds before an activity has ended. End-of-the-year trips in June are privilege-based, citizen- ship rewards. Students who have been suspended from school (either in-school or out-of-school) or who have exhibited consistent behavior problems during the school year, will be excluded from trips at the principal's discretion. In addition, students who have accumulated three or more disciplinary referrals will also be removed from end-of–the-year activities. 

Jazz Band, Wood Wind Ensemble, Pit Orchestra:

You must audition to be part of these groups. If you're an advanced instrumentalist and love to play, these clubs may be for you. New students are accepted into these groups in September and January* 

*Note: If you are using a school instrument, you and your parents should deal directly with the music teacher when arranging for its purchase and/or repair. Please bring your instruments directly to the music room, not the main office. The music teacher will make arrangements with you for payment. Bills are usually due the following Thursday. The Florham Park BOE is not liable for personal property. 

Select Chorus:

This group is available to students who audition. It's a great opportunity to showcase your singing talent. The chorus participates in several concerts and choral festivals each year as well as graduation. New students are accepted into these groups in September and January. 

Homework Club:

Need a quiet, structured place to complete your assignments after school? Join our homework club. This group meets four times a week with a different teacher each time, ready to offer help and provide the organizational skills you may need. 

Interscholastic Sports*

Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball/Softball, Track (Junior School County Track meet only) for both boys and girls are offered in this program.

*Note: You must have a physical to participate in any of these activities. In addition, a sports form is required. Instructions and forms are available in the health office and on the school's web page. 


Hit the lanes after school during the winter months. This activity is fun and very popular even for be- ginners. Be sure to sign up for this activity in the late fall. 

*Note: You must have a physical to participate in any of these activities. In addition, a sports form is required. Instructions and forms are available in the health office and on the school's web page.

Panther Press

Stop the presses! This is the RMS newspaper that comes out 4 or more times a year. You can reach hundreds of people with your articles, puzzles and pictures. Sign up in the fall to be part of the action! 

Science Club

Do you care about the environment? Join this club and make a difference! While most students sign up in the fall, you can join us at any time during the year. Among other activities, we help coordinate the school's recycling program. 

Tech Club

This national award-winning club challenges gadget lovers to explore the design and construction of solar powered cars. We compete in the Junior Solar Sprints. You must submit an application in the early fall to participate. If you love figuring out how things work, this club might be for you. 

Student Council

The RMS Student Council is a service-oriented group promoting school spirit and community involvement. It consists of elected officers, class representatives, and a faculty advisor. Depending on your grade level, you may run for the following offices:

Grade 8: President— takes the leadership role in planning and directing meetings and activities for the entire council. 

Grade 7 or 8: Vice-president— oversees all council committees and assumes leadership of the council if the president is unable to attend meetings, activities or functions. 

Grade 6,7 or 8:

Recording Secretary— keeps a record of each council meeting and reports that record at subsequent meetings 

Grades 6, 7, or 8 Corresponding Secretary— handles all correspondence from the council to school and/or community members and others. 

Grades 6, 7, or 8 Treasurer— collects, records, and reports on all funds of the council and helps coordinate all fundraising activities. 

Grades 6, 7, or 8 Historian— maintains a historical record of council events while keeping the student body informed of all meetings activities, and projects.

We expect our student council members to set a good example for the rest of our students by demonstrating a commitment to academics, commendable behavior, and a positive attitude.


Have you always wanted to be a star? Here's your chance to learn theater craft, acting and chore- ography. You can participate in the winter musical and/ or spring drama that take place at RMS every year. Auditions are held in the fall and spring for each of our productions. 


Help create something that will become a lifetime souvenir for many Ridgedale students, faculty, and alumni. Working on Reflections is great way to make your mark on the school community. Sign up in the fall. 

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