Co-Curricular Activities

We offer a wide variety of after-school activities. Look over the following list. Surely you can find an interesting way to participate in your school community!

However, you should also be aware that students who have two grades of 70-65 or one grade of 64 or below in any subject in any marking period will be ineligible to participate in "extra" activities until those grades improve. Your status will be re-evaluated every three weeks.

Botany Club:

The botany club is a community of plant enthusiasts who share a passion for the study of plants, their growth, and their role in the ecosystem. The club is an opportunity for students to come together and share knowledge about plants. In botany, club members can participate in plant identification, plant care, and plant-based research. Members may also engage in plant based projects such as community gardens, composting, and clean eating. Overall, the botany club is a rewarding experience for those who are passionate about plant science and the natural world. This club meets weekly after school throughout the school year.

Chemistry Challenge:

The Chemistry Challenge is an invitation-only team. The Challenge is a team competition where students showcase their chemistry knowledge and skills and compete against other students in neighboring schools with a regional competition, state-wide competition, and national competition. Students in grades 7 and 8 are invited to participate in the Chemistry Challenge after earning an A (90) or higher in science class for the first trimester each year. Students must commit their time to studying advanced chemistry topics during a first period class in marking periods 2 and 3; where we practice chemistry experiments and processes. Students may also be asked to commit their time to meeting with their teams outside of school to create and edit a science video submission for the competition.


The drama is a play that students perform in early December each year. There is no singing in a drama, and there is very little dancing. Auditions for the fall drama are held in September. Everyone who auditions gets a part. We rehearse three times a week–Monday OR Tuesday evening, Thursday after school, and Saturday morning. If you participate in other activities, such as sports, it is possible to work those activities around rehearsals for the drama. We have three performances in front of audiences during the first weekend in December.

In the spring we also produce a musical, which does involve singing and dancing. Auditions for the musical are held in early February. Don’t worry if you think you can’t sing or dance–we’ll teach you! We rehearse three times a week–Monday OR Tuesday evening, Thursday after school, and Saturday morning. If you participate in other activities, such as sports, it is possible to work those activities around rehearsals for the drama. We also have three performances of the musical in front of audiences during the second weekend in May.

Patriots' Club:

WHO: Students who embody the following characteristics:

WHAT: Students will be responsible for raising, lowering, folding and properly securing the
flag each day.

WHEN: Assigned flag squad will raise the flag between 7:25 - 7:30. At the end of the school
day, the Flag squad assigned to the letter day will leave class at 2:18 (with the teacher’s
approval/permission) and will meet by the front doors. At 2:20, we will walk to the flagpole
and secure our Flag.

WHERE: Front doors/Main entrance/Flagpole.

WHY: To be part of a civic minded club aimed at fostering a sense of national pride…
“Patriotism”. Historical achievements, current events, and what it means to be a role model
citizen will be topics of discussion each day.

This club requires a commitment, make sure you arrive on time during your assigned school

Paw Print:

The Paw Print is Ridgedale Middle School’s newspaper and we have just finished our first year in publication. We report on events, stories, and the ongoings within our district and community. We are offered an elective during the period with some after school meetings sprinkled in. Next year, we are excited to open our period 1 class to 8th graders as we continue to grow our publication, and empower our students to take accountability of the news writing, and sharing.

Peer Leadership:

The RMS Peer Leadership club thrives around student interest based philanthropies that benefit the school district and Florham Park Community. This year Peer Leaders met weekly once per week after school. Consistent attendance is necessary in order to create and facilitate meaningful activities. This year Peer leaders had the opportunity to work with the Turtle Back Zoo by collecting donations and volunteering their time during the light spectacular. In addition, members created and handed out candy grams to the entire school to spread holiday cheer. Peer Leaders also participated in Teen Cancer Awareness activities to benefit a RMS student such as creating and displaying posters, personalized cards, and sorting and distributing t-shirts for this special cause. The members of Peer Leaders wrapped up the year by taking a trip to Brooklake and Briarwood Elementary Schools to work with younger peers. Peer leaders created and led activities that were educational, hands-on, and delivered lessons surrounding the importance of cultivating a positive climate within the Florham Park school community. Peer Leadership is a very unique club because all of the activities are student driven and give members a voice to make a difference at RMS and Florham Park Community.

Speech and Debate Club:

The RMS Speech and Debate club is a multidisciplinary club that seeks to empower students to find their voice and build confidence by engaging in speech and debate. We strive to offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that allows students to engage with a variety of topics. Goals this year will be to hold mock trials, practice public speaking in a safe space, and to even engage with courtroom judges to further our understanding of forensics and debate. We meet on Tuesdays, three times a month. We welcome all ideas to grow our club, and are looking forward to the upcoming school year and all that we will accomplish.

Steel Drum Band:

Ridgedale Middle School’s Steel Drum Band is an exciting new addition to the Ridgedale Music community. In this ensemble, students get the opportunity to experience an exciting new type of music that they may not have ever heard before. The steel drums are an instrument that was created in Trinidad, and creates a sound unlike any instrument typically seen in American schools. This new sound, paired with arrangements of music that the students may know or may not know, creates a wonderful musical experience that students will remember for years to come!

Student Council:

The RMS Student Council is a community service organization, which benefits our school, the community of Florham Park & global concerns. Students who choose to run for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, & Facilitator must demonstrate special talents, characteristics & leadership skills as they will be leading the students in many projects whose impact will be felt by many. It is important to have leaders who have either performed community service tasks, or would like to be involved in reaching out to others. Your ideas for activities & projects will be considered as you meet each month by both your advisors & the school principal. Even if you do not want an officer position, consider being a part of RMS Student Council, all students are welcome to be a part of this organization as representatives.

Officer positions and descriptions:

President: Leadership role directing meetings and activities of the Student Council for the student body. This role is only open to 8th graders and all candidates must have at least one year of prior Student Council or student government experience. This includes both officer and representative roles.

Vice President: Responsible for assisting the President and assuming a leadership role if the President is unavailable. VP will also be responsible for sending a reminder one week prior to each monthly meeting to all members. This role is open to both 7th and 8th graders with prior Student Council or student government experience.

Secretary: Keeps a record of meetings and takes care of reporting on Council activities. The secretary must type and email each meeting’s minutes to Mrs. Cochario. This role is open to all RMS students.

Facilitator: Assists in planning Council projects and acts as a liaison with the community. The Facilitator is also in charge of the bulletin board and making sure Council activities and fundraiser information are posted. This role is open to all RMS students.

Technology Club:

The Ridgedale Middle School Tech Club is for those students who enjoy the newest innovations in technology as well as STEM based activities. This club focuses most of its efforts on developing solar powered cars that will be entered into the Jr. Solar Sprints race in May. This engaging project has teams using various tools found in our workshop to design a car that will operate not only on battery but with the sun’s energy as well. This club meets weekly all school year long and selected projects by the judges will attend the race in May at New Providence Middle School.

The Wordsmith:

The Wordsmith is Ridgedale Middle School’s literary magazine, and is connected to the Creative Writing class that is offered as an elective during period 1. We spend class time learning how to write in a variety of creative genres that are not taught during the regular ELA classes, providing feedback to our peers, and editing our writing for publication in the magazine. Additionally, we meet after school twice a month to format the magazine and add artistic elements to it, such as drawings, illustrations, and photographs. We aim to publish two issues a year.

Select Choir:

The RMS Select Choir is an auditioned vocal group for students who are passionate about learning advanced choral music. This group meets weekly on Thursdays all school year long. Auditions for new singers take place in September and January. Select choir students perform at school events, community events, several concerts, and attend performance-based trips. As this is an honors-level group, weekly attendance is important. If students cannot attend a rehearsal, they are expected to make up work/practice at home.

Visual Arts Club:

The RMS Art Club is for students passionate about creating art. If you enjoy drawing, painting and sculpting this is the place for you. We meet each week throughout the school year to create a variety of artwork. Our goal is to make a positive impact on our school community through the art we exhibit. This past year students enjoyed creating pottery, watercolor painting and learning to use 3-D pens to create sculptures, just to name a few. All grades and ability levels are encouraged to join our club.

Yearbook Club:

Students of the Yearbook club help design and create the RMS yearbook. Photographers, writers and editors are all part of this club. Students meet each week from the fall to the spring to design each and every page. There are jobs for all students interested. We photograph events throughout the school year including sports, assemblies, club events, concerts, plays and spirit days. Yearbook club is a great way to get involved in the school community.

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